As we provided already Sports Heads European version on the homepage, Now i want to introduce Sports Heads Football Championship. This game is one of the best version of Sports Heads game. It is not the oldest one, but my favourite. Here you choose team from Premier League and start playing English Premium League. Firstly, there are all equal in the standings with 0 points, but beside this You will see that teams have different skills and style of playing. Instruction is very simple, develop your player and team, upgrade skills and have fun!

Truly, this game is one of the top addictive in flash game history. You can choose teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Arsenal and so on.

Every match continues 1 minute. So, you have only one minute to play and defeat your opponent. There comes some new things which changes all the thing. Like, bouncing ball style, faster game, or slower ball motion and so on.

If you have some suggestions about which league do you want to make game on it, or which players you want to see, please use Facebook comment system for it.